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Within the borders of Kenya you will find savannah rich with wildlife, pristine sandy beaches and turquoise waters, the Great Rift Valley and snow-capped mountains. It is a melting point of people and cultures. 


Malawi’s draw is its lake, stretching across its eastern border; its highland wilderness, boasting some of the most beautiful and enjoyable hiking trails in Africa; and the supremely friendly football-mad locals.


The land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is a country of lush landscapes rich in tea, coffee, maize and banana plantations. It is home to the mountain gorillas and beautiful inland beaches. We have 3 partners across Rwanda.


Winston Churchill called Uganda the “pearl of Africa.” Indeed, it boasts savannah grasslands as well as equatorial rainforests. It is home to the source of the Nile and the endangered mountain gorillas. Choose from 13 partners.



Combining both Central American rainforest with breathtaking Caribbean coast, Belize has one of the most diverse collections of ecosystems and marine life in the world. This beautiful, ancient Maya territory is not to be missed.


Guatemala is a country with a rich history of indigenous culture and natural beauty; volcanoes, lush lowlands and Mayan ruins abound. We have 1 partner in Guatemala situated in Sololá overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan.


We are delighted to have extended our support to Nicaragua, 'Land of Lakes and Volcanoes'. Explore the country's stunning landscapes, lush forests, colonial towns and beautiful coastline.


Peru, a country with over 5000 years of history, one of the most diverse nations on the planet and a destination that holds a rich civilization and one of the greater empires in archaeological legacy.



There's a magic about Cambodia that casts a spell on many who visit this charming yet confounding kingdom. With a history both inspiring and depressing, Cambodia delivers an intoxicating present.