AfID supports a broad range of non-profit organisations globally through the provision of both pro-bono and professional accountants & consultants. Assignments from 2 weeks to 12 months or more formal permanent salaried placements form part of our ongoing commitment to build the financial management capacity of non profit partners globally. AfID have arranged assignments for over 1250 accountants, providing over 250,000 hours of one to one support to more than 500 non-profit partners in 57 countries.

Our partners are a broad mix of small grassroots, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), social enterprises and larger international charities. All are undertaking important work to alleviate poverty and inequality within their communities and include micro-finance projects, local enterprise initiatives, rural cooperatives, street child centres, conservation projects, schools and vocational training courses. 
We are happy to support organisations with varying levels of financial management and planning expertise; from those with no accounting processes, budgets or financial plans to more established organisations with full time accounting staff and recognisable accounting software. We only seek partners who are committed to the continual development of their finance & accounting departments, that can provide the environment and resources needed for our volunteers' support to be effective, sustainable and rewarding for all parties. 
Remote pro-bono Technical Assistance

During the Corona virus pandemic we will not be organising onsite face to face assignments, we are arranging remote technical support whereby experienced finance & accounting professionals can support non-profits via email, telephone and video conferencing. This also means we can now provide remote support to organisations globally and offer volunteer roles to professionals unable to travel. This will remain a service after the pandemic. If you are keen to become a Remote Volunteer or you are an organisation that would welcome this type of support please email

We have put together a series of bitesize case studies to give you an idea of how an AfID volunteer could support your organisation remotely over the coming weeks and months.

We very much hope to resume our normal services in the coming months. AfID offers its partners 3 programmes of support each tailored to a partner's unique profile.

Overseas Volunteer / Probono Financial Consultant Support 

Volunteer assignments from 2 weeks to 12 months form part of an ongoing strategy to build the financial management capacity of partners operating in over 50 countries. Programmes typically follow one of the following formats;

a) Ongoing support whereby one volunteer hands over to the next shaping the focus in close collaboration with the partner organisation.

b) Specific & timely interventions under directed by our international partners, often in response to an unforeseen or urgent issue.
Recruitment Services (UK & Overseas)

After placing over 1000 accountants with over 500 non-profit organisations globally, AfID is uniquely positioned to assist our partners with their salaried recruitment needs by providing access to an exceptional pool of talent. In the ten years since we started we have built up a network of over 50,000 accountants globally keen to support non-profits.

It is very important to us that we are not viewed as a commercial recruitment agency, motivated by fees alone. We therefore want to offer a pricing schedule that gives access and value to all our partners and will enable them to reduce their annual recruitment spend dramatically. For this reason our rates for permanent recruitment are very simple and the lowest in the sector. Rates typically range from 9 to 15%.
UK Volunteer Support (incl. Trustees & Treasurers)

This programme is designed to give charities with limited resources access to pro-bono qualified accounting expertise and is an excellent way to reduce a reliance on expensive temps.
For more information on any of the services listed above please follow the links on the sidebar or contact us on