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⭐Social Enterprise promoting quality early childhood care [586]⭐

Accommodation and flights
Nairobi, Kenya

1-2 months

Our Partner promotes quality early childhood care. They are supporting small day-care businesses servicing marginalised and low-income families in Nairobi and aiming to install an environment that is safe, stimulating, profitable and affordable. Their approach has been to build a replicable model to improve the quality of these day-care providers.


You will begin with a review of their accounting systems, procedures and controls, making recommendations for best practice, taking into account the capacity and resources of the team. They recently received the support of a pro bono consultant who focused on operational systems and strategy. He spent a couple of days installing a simple finance management system but this was not his area of expertise. You will be reviewing and further developing this work.

You will be creating the platform and policies to manage their microloan system provided for the day-care providers as their current system is not fit for purpose. You will be helping to create a user friendly system with a clear reporting dashboard. Your work will also feed into the new app which is currently being developed to include a customer facing system.

Not-for-profit organization providing solar lighting systems

Accommodation & Food
Iganga, Uganda

2 Weeks

Our partner brings affordable home solar lighting systems to particularly marginalized off-grid rural communities in East Africa in a sustainable, replicable and scalable model with full local ownership and accountability, and measurable impact.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, based on the capacity and needs of the organisation.

The team will benefit from training to improve their recording and management of accounts. They are currently using Excel and there is scope for you to evaluate if they can improve the functionality of their current system or would be advised to move to a different financial software.

⭐NGO helping communities to benefit from natural resources [585]⭐

Accommodation & Visa
Monrovia, Liberia

2 - 5 Months

Our partner has been influential in transforming how natural resources are managed, and benefits from these are shared with local communities in Liberia. They are undergoing a huge change in their organisational structure, and are seeking an experienced and dynamic pro bono accountant to support them in building and strengthening their control environment, developing financial management tools, and building the capacity of the finance team.


Your role will be to:

  • Review the control environment, accounting & financial management processes, specifically developing procedures to enable them to easily collect supporting documents from their field offices.
  • Review the responsibilities of the finance staff, ensuring that there is a clear segregation of duties and processes are streamlined, so that there is no duplication of work and staff time is used efficiently.
  • Develop financial management tools, including an organisational budget, budget monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Offer further training to all staff Quickbooks and support them in making the most of the software.

Given all the changes in the organisation and the broad scope of work, it will be an interesting time to join the organisation, and really make an impact. Whilst the structure is being changed, this placement will require patience and especially at the initial stages gaining trust and cultivating positive working relationships with the staff. Our partner gets funding from a number of donors (including institutional donors), and therefore this will be an excellent opportunity for an adventurous accountant considering transitioning into the not for profit sector.

Organization addressing social inequalities

Affordable Accommodation

2 Weeks

Our partner is focused on addressing the social inequalities that affect the lives of Brazilians every day, striving to promote education and maximizing the potential of underprivileged children and teens from Rio de Janeiro’s Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo communities. It consists of 2 entities - one commercial and one social. You will support both entities and will be working mainly with the founder and General Manager of the organization.


You will begin with an internal review of their accounting procedures, systems and controls, making recommendations for best practice while taking into account the local context, needs, capacity and resources of the local team. You will start implementing the recommendations, in order of priority as decided together with the team, while also providing training to staff.

The GM has requested particular support from a volunteer in evaluating and identifying an accounting software that would work best for the organization, as for now they are only working with Excel and Google Docs. The organization does not have institutional donors and only reports once a year to the state, having an external accountant that makes the annual statements for tax purposes. Apart from the system evaluation there will be scope for you to support our partner with creating/improving the annual budget, forecasting and financial strategy.

Not-for-profit organization training beekepers

Accommodation provided
Jian Tang Town, China

1 month

Our partner provides training for small family farmers on beekeeping techniques, queen bee rearing, and safe and clean honey extraction. The farmers are then provided assistance with bottling and selling the honey. They currently only sell the honey locally, but the co-founders aim to bring it to an international market within Asia in the near future.


You will:

  • Review and build a sound accounting system, looking at strengthening controls, ensuring there is proper cash management (including setting up cash and bank reconciliations). Part of this would also entail assessing the Excel sheets, and review whether they should move back to using Quickbooks. For both, help them develop a chart of accounts, and proper classification of income and expenses.
  • Support in building financial management tools – organisational budget, monthly management accounts, cash position and cashflow forecast.

This is really well-rounded placement offering an individual the opportunity to develop accounting controls & processes. Please note, that as the organisation is establishing its operations, it is working as a start-up organisation and will require the volunteer to be independent, hands on and able to really understand the context in which the organisation is operating when establishing an accounting & financial management system.

Charity supporting Project-Based Learning in Brazilian schools

Accommodation & Visa
Recife, Brazil

6 weeks

Our parter aims to create the environment by which children can meet their full potential, supporting their teachers and wider society to achieve key educational goals. 


They are small in size and while they have complete financial records, their system is still basic. They are currently seeking legal advice on tax requirements and are taking steps to make sure they are meeting compliance.

You will begin with a review of their current financial procedures, controls and system. You will be reviewing staff capacity and resources and making recommendations for best practice that increase efficiency and are appropriate to their need. They wouldneed support developing the following procedures:

  • Creating, monitoring and analysing budgets
  • Financial controls
  • Creating financial statements
  • Preparing for external audit
  • Chart of Accounts

You may also identify further gaps in your review. You will be determining a priority list which can be continued by a second volunteer if time does not permit during your placement. You will provide training and documentation on any new procedures introduced.

Not-for-profit organization empowering women and girls

Visa covered
Siem Reap, Cambodia

2-8 weeks

Our partner is a Cambodian NGO advocating for a fair and equal society for all. They aim to empower women and girls to gain equal access to education, respect and the ability to make decisions about their own lives.


They run a drop-in centre providing free information, support and signposting to further services for women and their families. Women can access one to one counselling and attend workshops on topics such as reproductive and sexual health, maternal care, hygiene and nutrition, financial and business management, parenting skills and challenging gender stereotypes. Our partner's outreach programmes visit girls in schools and families at home. Their target beneficiaries are often living in low income families, have low levels of education and literacy and often informal employment. They also focus their support on victims of domestic violence. They are working to stop the cycle of violence both in and out of the household.

You will be starting with an internal review of their current accounting procedures, systems and controls, and will be making recommendations for best practice within the context of their current resources and capacity. You will be reviewing and updating the financial procedures manual, introducing new procedures and providing staff training and coaching. The current manual was provided by a donor as a template and has not been modified to accurately reflect their systems. They would like your assistance meeting compliance and adhering to donor reporting and expenditure requirements. The project reporting is complicated and they are finding it hard to account for central costs. They would also like training on budget creation and monitoring.

NGO supporting children and families affected by trauma

Georgetown, Guyana

2 Weeks

Our partner is a non-governmental organization with a mission to build and strengthen children and families’ relationships, safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of all children.


You will begin with an internal review of their financial systems, procedures and controls, making recommendations for best practice, taking into consideration their needs, complexity, local context and capacity of the staff. 

They would like support with building a robust financial and reporting system to track expenses, do petty cash, cost centre management and budget management. They would like to have universal financial procedures utilised by all centres, and a system to allow planning, budgeting, reporting, cost analysis and preparation for audits – currently using Excel.

You will also provide the local centres coordinators with financial training, once agreed on procedures and a system to be utilised for the entire organization.


Non-governmental organization offering wildlife rescue and release service

Ban Keun, Laos

2-4 months

Our partner provide a multi-species rescue service which spans country wide, working amidst prominent illegal wildlife trade routes. They run a 24/7 hotline and work with the government on large scale confiscations. Alongside this service they also run a sanctuary for those animals that cannot be released.


Our partner would like to build a more robust system for the Trust going forward. You will be conducting an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls, and you will be making recommendations for best practice and installing a clear and user friendly system, training staff on its use.

Our partner use excel and manual cashbooks; they have purchased QuickBooks but have not managed to switch to the system. You will be assessing and advising on their readiness for either this software or the continued use of excel.  A part-time Accountant based in Vientiane works for them, but has limited capacity: your work will likely involve a couple of trips to support her. You will also be working with the founders who would like training in how to oversee and check finance.

Community-based NGO working for health, agriculture and education

Affordable Accommodation
Kasungu, Malawi

2 - 4 Weeks

Our partner is a youth-based CBO operating in the Kasungu district in Malawi. They strive to include youth in meaningful development activities at the district level, ages 10-35. Their projects range from computer skills training to leadership and life skills for youth clubs to be able to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting procedures, systems and controls. You will be assessing staff capacity and making recommendations for best practice. The Project Accountant and Admin Officer have limited experience and have been learning as they go. You will be identifying any gaps in procedures and knowledge, making improvements and providing training.

The Executive Director has requested that you review the following:

  • Payment and cash request vouchers
  • Audit preparation – they have only had project audits from individual donors before
  • Budget creation and analysis
  • Internal controls
  • Annual reports and budgets – they are currently producing quarterly reports for donors but do not produce one for the whole organisation
  • Monthly management reporting

Not-for-profit organisation supporting disadvantaged children and young adults

Affordable Accommodation

4-6 weeks

Our partner supports disadvantaged children and young adults to reach their full potential. Their education programmes are designed to provide opportunity, resources and tailored support to marginalised groups. 

You will begin with an internal audit of their accounting procedures, systems and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, taking into account the capacity and resources of the team and starting to implement some improvements, providing training to staff. 

They have asked that you review the delegation of duties in the finance team, helping to reorganise and streamline. Vietnamese regulations require heavily bureaucratic procedures and with multiple projects spreading across rural areas the team are finding it hard to keep accurate and complete records. The Head of Finance is overburdened with paperwork which detracts from her capacity for strategy. They are also working with accounts in multiple currencies. You will be building team capacity, reviewing internal controls and introducing more strategic analysis, including cash management and an analysis of their various revenue streams.

Youth-led Movement Aiming to end unemployment in West Africa

Accommodation & Visa

2 Months

Our partner is a youth-led movement to end unemployment in West Africa through investing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to ignite social change. They offer training, investment, and support to West African youth. At the core of their work are the principles of local ownership, innovation, cross-sector collaboration, and financial sustainability. 


You will be introducing accruals accounting, training staff on the main principles, creating their first balance sheet and updating documentation. You will be improving their project accounting, introducing better filing and coding systems. 

You will be helping our partner switch to an international version of QuickBooks which will allow them to use it in French: this unfortunately will require manually transferring all the data over to have everything in one place going forward. Our partner are aware that our volunteers do not have prior fundraising or proposal writing experience but volunteers often help by creating budgets and presenting financial information.

 You will be working closely with the Operations Manager, other management and finance staff.

Not-for-profit organization supporting children with education and sport

Affordable Accommodation

3-6 weeks

Our partner believes that every child, no matter where they were born, should receive quality education and care. They are working with impoverished and disadvantaged communities in Phnom Penh through education, healthcare and by giving them the tools to build a better future. An accelerated Education Programme focuses on giving children the opportunity to complete two years of ‘standard’ education in just one year, while a Football Programme is used to educate and support marginalised communities.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls in place. You will be making recommendations for best practice appropriate to the resources and capacity of the Cambodian team. They would like your review to help streamline and ease the workload for the finance team. You will also be providing coaching to build their capacity. They are being audited for the first time in Cambodia in May 2019 (previous audits have been in the UK), the report will be shared with you.

They made the switch to Sage 50 Professional in 2018 and use this alongside excel. The finance team have previously only used QuickBooks and would benefit from a review of how they are using the system and further training on it. Their current system is robust but laborious, involving much manual input and duplication between excel and Sage. You will be helping to streamline, improve and automate the process.

NGO providing quality education and health services to communities

Homestay options
Lusaka, Zambia

2-4 weeks

Our partner has the aim to provide quality education and health services to communities in Zambia, Laos, India and Morocco. They are currently operating mainly in Zambia and Laos. Their key educational projects are delivered through the improvement of infrastructure and provision of teaching aids in schools as well as by sponsoring children and young adults in their schooling. 


You will review their processes and controlsin light of their plans to start running a safehouse and learning centre. You will mostly focus on implementing an accounting system.

They are seeking a volunteer to review their implementation of Quickbooks. They have several questions around the coding and classification of entries, and want someone external to review how they have fared with the implementation. They would also like you to support them in streamlining processes (where this is possible), and in regularly analysing their income & expenditure, cashflow and meet their reporting requirements. They would like further guidance with financial planning, budget vs actual and cost analysis.

Organization fighting against sexual abuse and trafficking

Affordable Accommodation
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

4-8 weeks

Our partner's aim is to work together to end sexual abuse and trafficking. They were born as a faith-based membership coalition, offering capacity building support to its member network and since then have grown in size and capacity. 


They run an advice and support hotline for victims of trafficking and exploitation, connecting them with legal advice, counselling, referrals to safe places and vocational training. They engage with government and international organisations to raise awareness and advocate for the provision of support for victims and those at risk. Other prevention efforts include reaching remote areas which border Thailand with education and interventions, confronting traffickers directly and referring cases to human rights organisations. A 10 year research programme on the reintegration and experiences of survivors of sex-trafficking is coming to an end this year.

You will be will be starting by reviewing their progress since Ian’s placement and providing further guidance and training as needed. They have requested support this year in their Cambodian office to help them move from what is still a largely paper based system to an electronic one. They would like your advice on the right system to use, be it excel or a software and help preparing them for and rolling out this transition. You will also be providing training on how to use the system.