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NGO serving the needs of disadvantaged women, children and youth

Homestay option

2-8 weeks

Our partner is a community based organisation working in Southern Malawi. With the far reaching vision of a community free from abject poverty, they focus their interventions on serving the needs of disadvantaged women, children and youth through community development projects. They have requested help to improve their financial management and to support with donor reporting requirements.

They are currently running two donor-supported projects: Accelerating Children's HIV/AIDS Treatment Initiative (ACT) and reducing early marriages and gender based violence.

You will begin with a internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls. You will be providing training and capacity building support to the Financial Officer, Executive Director, Programmes and Admin staff. Our partner is small in turnover, staff and project activity, your implementations will need to be tailored to suit this capacity. They are currently using excel for bookkeeping.

CBO with programmes focussing on public health

Homestay options
Watamu, Kenya

4 Weeks

Our partner is a small CBO with programmes focussing on public health. It started out as an informal group, and has only formalised themselves. It has started receiving funding as implementing partners of larger, more established NGOs and recently appointed a part-time accountant who is responsible for their day-to-day accounting.

Your role will be akin to undertaking an internal audit – reviewing their accounting & financial management controls, processes and systems, and making and implementations for best practice based on the resources available to them and the skillset of the local team. As they are starting to grow, they are keen to ensure that they will be able to meet donor compliance and reporting requirements. As part of this, they would like support in evaluating what accounting system would be most appropriate for them to transition to (Quickbooks or Xero).

Please note, as this is a really small organisation with very basic systems and a part-time accountant, it will require a lot of flexibility and the ability to see beyond the accounting & financial management tasks, and support the director in other elements of organisational management, programmes and fundraising.

⭐Organization Supporting Rural & Indigenous Communities ⭐

Accommodation provided & Visa covered

2 - 3 Weeks

Our partner works with rural, mostly indigenous communities, in southern Laos. Their programmes focus on helping people to develop their own potential, through education and/or livelihoods, whilst conserving the environment. They are seeking an experienced auditor to support them for 3 weeks in Feb 2019.

There has been an increased momentum in their work, and team morale has been high. They have started a new bamboo project, where local farmers are harvesting bamboo stems, using the shoots for food and the bamboo for building materials for making decorative items. They have been strengthening their accounting processes and financial controls and have recently become a sub-grantee for an organisation based in Chiang Mai with other ongoing proposals to international donors.

You will be the fifth AfID volunteer to support this organisation. They have requested the following assistance: 1) support the finance team (coaching them on improved approaches/methods of audit preparation) prepare for the audit, and then continue for about a week following the audit in order to 2) advise and support the capacity development of the local audit firm, 3) to provide support with the execution of the audit and then, 4) the preparation of the partner’s audit reports.

Development Organisation Supporting Local Initiatives

Accommodation, meals & stipend $100/month provided

4 - 6 Weeks

Originally established as an emergency response organisation to respond to the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, providing aid and assistance, our partner aims to serve as a bridge between international & local organisations to help them achieve their objectives, with the moto “Response! Relief! Renewal!”

Since the recent loss of their local accountant who was able to update QuickBooks, the training and continuity in maintaining accounting procedures has been lost. They are therefore looking to hire a new Finance Officer from the local community and ensure that the knowledge is not lost with staff changes.

They have requested support to check & update their accounting records, provide training to the new Finance Officer and another member of staff in bookkeeping and using Quickbooks, support in drafting a procedures & policies manual and QB manual and assistance in preparing the year-end accounts, budget and preparing for the external audit.

NGO tackling issues affecting health, environment and education

Chitipa, Malawi

8-10 weeks

Our partner is a youth-led NGO working in the rural Northern Malawian districts of Chitipa and Rumphi. It uses a grass root, community engagement model to tackle issues affecting health, environment and education. They aim to create empowered communities which can influence rural development and where vulnerable and disadvantaged groups can thrive.

Their projects address the following issues/risks:

  • Poor attendance of girls in schools 
  • Climate change effects on natural environment and resources 
  • Economic instability
  • Child protection/rights
  • HIV/AIDs

You will be reviewing their progress and providing further training and guidance as needed. You will be reviewing compliance and ensuring accounts and reporting are being kept up to date. You may also have to introduce the preparation of financial statements and an accounting software. Our partner's director is also keen to try QuickBooks and you will be helping prepare them for this transition.

Organization training and supporting local artisans

Luang Pranbang, Laos

2 Weeks

Our partner trains women to sew and it focuses on product development and linkages to the market. They are commitment to supporting and developing the skillset of local artisans, and they do so by buying raw materials and products from village artisans, village cooperatives and organisations that support vulnerable groups in Laos.

Our partner has also been supporting and collaborating with organisations supporting women and girls at risk of human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation.

You will review their financial controls and revisit the cash management; monthly accounting processes; stock and inventory; and business accounting. You will also help review their online sales procedures to make sure they have the most effective system set up. Our partner is now selling in Singapore and want to make the most of this new opportunity and to continue to expand their reach.

NGO enabling poor families to obtain loans through mobile platforms

Accommodation provided
Yangon, Myanmar

3 Months

Our partner has created a mobile platform that enables poor families to obtain affordable Nano Loans via their phones. They intend to target women aged 18-60 as have experienced that women not only assume primary responsibility for managing household finances, but also suffer the severest consequences of debt traps.

They are seeking the support of a volunteer in supporting them in the research, development and implementation of this new product.

Your role will be project-based, and will focus on supporting them in the research, development and implementation of a new pay-by-installment product. Your role will include:

  • Identifying where in the supply chain would it be more efficient for our partner to acquire good and products. 
  • Identifying how to best market these goods and services to our partner's target customers.
  • Developing partnerships with wholesalers/retailers (in the case of goods) and service providers (in the case of services)
  • Help to implement small scale pilot projects in order to rapidly test consumer demand and operational requirements.

You may also be required to assess what (if any) changes to the accounting and financial management system might be required to accommodate to ensure that the new product line can be properly incorporated and accounted for.

⭐Social Enterprise Empowering Local Farmers [583]⭐

Flights & Allowance towards accommodation & meals
Kigali, Rwanda

4-6 months

Our partner is a growing social enterprise in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania that is innovating a new way of helping farm families to achieve their full potential. Instead of giving handouts, they invest in farmers to generate a permanent gain in farm income; they provide farmers with a "service bundle" that includes education, finance, seed and fertilizer, and market facilitation.

They are seeking someone experienced to support them in reviewing and shortening their timelines for reporting:this will include reviewing their existing processes, making recommendations on streamlining and standardising these, and supporting them in improving the visibility on their reporting tools. 

They would also like the volunteer to review these and develop one tool that allows them to effectively monitor their performance as an organisation. Moreover, they are developing a new line of business in one country and would like technical accounting support in understanding how best to integrate this new line of business into their accounting and financial management system.

NGO improving educational quality for disadvantaged communities

Homestay options
Pursat, Cambodia

2-4 weeks

Our partner aims to improve educational quality and opportunities for disadvantaged communities in Cambodia. They do not teach themselves but instead empower and equip teachers and schools to achieve this.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, based on the capacity and needs of the organisation.

You will be helping to establish simple but robust systems to manage their Cambodian entity, its relationship and financial transactions with the Australian charity and their joint increased funding and grant management. They would also like you to check they are meeting local compliance in Cambodia. You will be also training staff on the new system, in bookkeeping, budget creation and forecasting.

NGO teaching Brazilian Samba drumming


2 Weeks

Our partner is a non-profit teaching children Brazilian Samba drumming and putting on performances across Nigeria. Their main aim is to provide access to the creative arts and to empower young people to become agents for change in their communities.

You will be starting with an internal review and needs assessment of their financial procedures, system and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, based on their capacity, resources and understanding of the team. They have asked for support to develop a complete and appropriate finance system that will enable them to better track income and expenditure. You will be building excel templates, implementing simple and user-friendly procedures and training them on how to maintain it.

They are operating in a cash economy and struggle to collect receipts for their transactions. You will be advising on and installing financial controls.

Our partner is looking to register as a charity in the UK as well, as their income is now approaching the relevant size. They will need help to prepare themselves for the new regulations they will be held to with this registration.

Organization providing education to deaf and hard of hearing children

Hoi An, Vietnam

2 Weeks

Our partner is a small organization providing education to deaf and hard of hearing children. Started as a small initiative, they have grown unexpectedly over time as more and more parents brought their children to be registered and receive education from them, the only institution who would accept deaf children and provide suitable educational services.

They have a very basic accounting system, working on a spreadsheet in Excel – they have never made a report and don’t have written financial procedures. Their team have not studied accounting, and would benefit from training, to help them streamline processes and make better use of their efforts and time.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing systems, procedures and controls. You will be identifying gaps and implementing your recommendations for best practice, in line with their needs, context and capacity of local staff. Our partner has requested especially support in using Excel – improving the system and templates, training in creating budgets and drawing reports from it, to present to stakeholders.

Organization working to support vulnerable youth

Monrovia, Liberia

3-6 week

Our partner is a grassroots NGO, working to provide individualized educational, psychosocial and financial support to those most vulnerable youth living in the slum of West Point. They are looking for an accountant to help them simplify their financial system.

They need support in developing their accounting and reporting procedures that also align with other international donors, to allow the organization to be compliant and seek funding from other donors. As their procedures are very complex, they believe there is a need to simplify the existing financial system to adjust to the local needs and to the capacity of the local staff.  Our partner has also requested support in:

  • Supporting the in the development of proposals for potential grants
  • Training of staff and beneficiaries on village saving loan association
  • Supporting relevant staff in drafting of financial reports and graphics

URGENT Pro Bono Consultant for Environmental Conservation NGO

Accommodation provided

6 Weeks

Based in stunning Belize, our partner is an NGO working to protect the natural environment, raising awareness and educating Belizean and International students. They provide immersive and residential study in sustainable conservation management practices through a study abroad programme and local community development and outreach projects.

Their wildlife sanctuary has recently registered as an NGO and are now building their structure and procedures to meet the necessary requirements. They are in the process of preparing for their next audit now. They have requested support to help adjust their financial system to suit the new organisational structure. They are aware that they need to make improvements and create a more robust and comprehensive system which aligns finance and management more closely.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing procedures, systems and controls, referring to the most recent audit report and making your own assessment on any gaps or weaknesses. You will be making and starting to implement your recommendations for best practice, taking into consideration the resources and capacity of the team. You will be working with their Accounts Clerk, who has an accounting degree but would benefit from further coaching.

Supporting & empowering refugee youths to live full independent lives

Nairobi, Kenya

2-4 weeks

Our partner is a young organization created by refugees in Kenya. They envision a society where every young person can influence the decisions that affect their well-being and participate actively in the socio-economic building of their communities. With the mission to empower the youth to live to their full potential, they focus on increasing opportunities for education, employability and access to reproductive health services.

They run two main programs, each covering one strategic goal: "Education for Livelihoods" and "Sexual and Reproductive Health".

You will be conducting an internal review of their existing accounts, procedures and controls and will make and implement recommendations for best practice, in line with their capacity, resources and understanding. You will also support them in the following main areas: improving their accounting policies, procurement and bookkeeping procedures, support with their QuickBooks system, training the local team in general accounting good practices, budgets and financial reporting.

As they are just setting up their new office and team in Nairobi, they would benefit immensely from the review and recommendations of an experienced professional to help them make sure they have strong systems and procedures to allow them develop in the right direction.

Organization combating illegal dog and cat meat trade

Accommodation and meals provided
Da Nang, Vietnam

2 Weeks

Our partner is a young organization dedicated to raising animal awareness and combating the illegal dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam. They conduct educational workshops to raise awareness, and have a rehabilitation centre where they rescue, sterilize and manage fostering activities for stray cats and dogs.

You will be conducting an internal review of their existing accounts, procedures and controls and will make and implement recommendations for best practice, in line with their capacity, resources and understanding. They are now working on Excel, and would benefit from your support and training in improving their current system and utilize it with more efficiency. They have a Sage account that they haven’t used yet, and would like your support in determining if Sage is appropriate for their needs. 

Our partner has requested 2 weeks support for an initial placement and are flexible on dates.