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"Kate's breadth and depth of accounting expertise was instrumental in the success of our external audit."

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"Her proactive efforts to address all potential issues the auditors might raise made the entire process quite effortless. We would not have succeeded without her input and support."

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Anajali House
Anajali House, Cambodia
"We have all learned so much from Paul and feel much better equipped to grow Khmer Creations to a more sustainable position. Paul's advice and guidance was targeted and we are amazed at the amount of ground he was able to cover during his placement."
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"Paul managed to hone in on our immediate needs and helped us through a very challenging time."

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Khmer Creations
Khmer Creations, Cambodia
"Many thanks again for all your help and support. Its been such a professional service, we would definitely recommend you to others."


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Refugee Youth UK
"We want to thank AfiD for accepting to partner with us in improving our systems as we work to help older persons live a dignified and fulfilled life."

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John Kimbe, Country Director
Reach One Touch One Ministries Uganda