"Since 2014, we have been working with AfID, during this period, we had the opportunity to receive two volunteers with a background in administrative and financial area... Read more

The volunteers who came to our organization, gave us significant contributions in management, budgeting, internal controls and financial processes, that have made the job gets done much more practical and supported us to improve the staff duties. In addition of that, we consider an AfID volunteer as a part of El Porvenir family, for the strong relationship between the staff and the volunteers."

[Partner Organisation]
El Porvenir
El Porvenir, Nicaragua
“This experience really allowed me to make a difference with an organisation that was in need of someone with my skillset. Being able to talk to my colleagues and clients about the experience and what I was able to accomplish has been great.” 

Matt, CPA
Amigos de Santa Cruz Guatemala
"Partners In Health and AfiD have been working together for 2-3 years. PIH has benefited tremendously from 7 AfID volunteers in various sites including Haiti, Rwanda, and Malawi."  Read more

"Each volunteer has provided an enormous amount of support, mentorship, and leverage for PIH employees working in the field. Due to our extremely lean finance and accounting teams, it is extraordinarily helpful to have a trained accountant come in and help with projects that would normally get pushed to the bottom of the priority list." 

[Partner Organisation]
Ann Quandt, Head of Finance
Partners in Health, Rwanda & Malawi

“Matt absolutely went above and beyond during his time with us. He worked nights and weekends up until the last hour to provide fast and detailed support wherever he could. 

Read more

He was patient with staff, whose conflicting duties sometimes meant that they waited until the very last minute to ask him for help! He was detailed and thoughtful in how he approached financial training with local staff, and proactively identified areas in which his expertise, or that of a future volunteer, could be helpful.” 

[Partner Organisation]
Jessie Cohen, In-Country Director
Amigos de Santa Cruz Guatemala
"Dear Emma and Accounting for International Development (AFID), We are extremely pleased by your hard work for our organization and for the excellence work done in providing support....  Read more

...in many areas of work that related to Finance. Thank you AFID for responding so quickly and scheduling us in a time of need and sending a very knowledgeable person to meet our needed. Our Finance system looked great and it all work out perfectly now. Thank you again! Yours sincerely Strey Khmer Team" 

Strey Khmer
Strey Khmer, Cambodia
"From the very beginning, AfID discussed expectations the volunteers and the partner organizations. AfID was easily accessible through the entire project, from project planning and trip preparations to the volunteers actual time in working with us.. Read more

It has been a very successful relationship for SHI and I would definitely recommend an AfID partnership to any organization looking to grow or implement better accounting practices. 

Christopher was an outstanding volunteer. His expertise in the subject matter (QuickBooks) and dedication to seeing the project through was such an asset for us. I am extremely pleased with the results and I honestly think our accounting systems are much better off because of his involvement."

[Partner Organisation]
Sustainable Harvest International
"The trip to Cambodia is a life-changing experience for me. I gained much confidence as I exchanged my ideas with the local staff and other overseas volunteers. I'm very happy to be part of the Khemara family. Read more

"Thank you for what you have done to bring me to Khemara and Cambodia. AfID are definitely doing amazing things to all accountants around the world! Keep on the work, and I hope I can hear more good and amazing stories from you."

Khemara, Cambodia

"AfID did an excellent job of matching SMV’s needs with my skills and experience.

Read more

"With thirteen years of experience in finance and audit I felt that I was utilizing my skills and also learning new things."

David, ACCA
SMV Wheels, India