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Steve's Tanzanian Experience

Stephen (FCA)
Grassroots Tanzania, Tanzania

Tanzania Day 1

Good flight over with QATAR but Doha plane switch a bit of a sprint. Picked up at airport by Charlie and Janeth and we crammed everything and me into Charlie’s VW beetle. Charlie had forgotten to take out the child seat so all my luggage, the three of us, and the mega child seat, all piled on top of one another for the journey into Moshi – my new home for the next 3 months.

Met Sam and Jay my housemates, Valentina the dada (housekeeper), and Ramadani the ascari (guard) and Topol the paka (cat). Sam heads up an education charity here in Moshi and Jay is the manager of a business that is developing vanilla as an alternative cash crop.

Sam’s House
The Garden
Tomorrow I get my bearings around Moshi.

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